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Jochen Oehler, Marcus Smola, Alexander Kuehnlein

DEHAG Hotel Service AG Executive Board

In a nutshell, the goal of our entire company and our range of comprehensive services and supports is to create advanced success for hotels. We support hoteliers within all operational areas and offer them sustained competitiveness in today’s increasing competition in hotel industry.


Comprehensive services under one roof

DEHAG Hotel Service AG is the umbrella for the affiliated companies Best Western Hotels Central Europe GmbH, progros Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH, unitels consulting GmbH and B.W. Hotel GmbH, and provides a vast range of services for hotels. The goal of the joint group of companies is to increase and secure the economic success and competitiveness of the partner hotels long term.

In the hands of the hoteliers

All shareholders of DEHAG Hotel Service AG are solely owners or operators respectively of the Best Western Hotels in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. The entire DEHAG group of companies is therefore owned by Best Western hoteliers. The regulatory body of DEHAG Group is the board of directors, which is comprised of six representatives of Best Western Hotels elected at the meeting of shareholders.

DEHAG Hotel Service AG

DEHAG Hotel Service AG is a financial holding company and is managed in the legal form of a public limited company. In addition to the shares in Best Western Hotels Central Europe GmbH, it also holds 100 percent of business shares in progros Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH, unitels consulting GmbH and B.W. Hotel GmbH, the general partner of B.W. Hotel Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.