Corporate values

We have four corporate values that are the overarching guideline for our behavior and dealings with colleagues, customers, network partners and suppliers. These corporate values form the umbrella and the bracket of our Code of Conducts:

Sounds good Transparent and open internal and external communication: Open communication creates transparency and promotes mutual understanding.

Wind of Change Existing processes and procedures in the company are constantly subjected to critical scrutiny in order to uncover potential and use resources more effectively. Market changes are identified, new paths are taken and market opportunities are exploited.

Only you Personal responsibility (employees are entrepreneurs in the company): A high sense of responsibility and acting on one's own initiative, thinking for oneself and actively shaping the company increase its performance.

We help Our partners are at the center of our services. All services and solutions are geared to their needs and wishes.

Equal treatment

We do not differentiate in our actions, recommendations, promotions, professional development, evaluations or in our basic attitude on the basis of race, origin, religion, ideology, sexual identity, gender or people with disabilities. We also try to reflect this equal treatment as best as possible in our internal and external communications. Where there are pragmatic hurdles (expense, comprehensibility, readability, etc.), we refrain from implementing them in our communications in case of doubt, without this changing anything in our attitude and stance.


Our employees use their judgment responsibly and prudently and are guided in their actions by honesty, transparency, appreciation, respect, professionalism, reliability, fairness and integrity. Employees do not abuse their position to gain personal advantage, even to the detriment of the company, nor do they tolerate or encourage behavior that is not in line with our Code of Conduct.

Health & Safety

The physical and mental well-being and safety of our employees and of the customers and partners for whom we work and who may be affected by our activities are at the heart of our understanding of care and prevention. We provide a health-promoting working environment and take occupational health and safety into account.


In our work, we proactively pay attention to environmental friendliness/environmental protection and implement it where it is feasible and compatible with the fulfillment of our business tasks. We comply with environmental regulations and observe applicable laws.

Fair trade

We generally observe the rules of fair competition, respecting all market participants. We negotiate the best possible contractual agreements, in each case clear in the matter and in the objective, but not at any price. We refrain from contracts that can only be achieved by violating the law, relevant regulations or morals. In all cases, cooperation with contractual partners is in line with our values. In addition, the principle of "partner justice" applies, according to which we treat all partners fairly.


Our daily actions as well as our entire administration are transparent and thus comprehensible.

Ethical and independent action

Our employees must not accept gifts & favors that could be classified as a clear attempt to influence business decisions in such a way that they are subsequently detrimental to the company, its employees or even our customers & partners. We comply with the relevant anti-corruption laws and thus avoid bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices. In any conflict situations, employees inform their managers.

Economic efficiency

We base our work on the current budget and the business plan, which is transparently accessible to all employees. Our measures are also oriented outside the business plan and budget to profitability in connection with our service mission. The profitability of our company is important in order to be able to provide the best possible services for our employees, customers and all other partners.

Business contacts with known or related persons

If business relationships with related parties arise or exist or result from the fulfillment of our business purpose, the employee is required to disclose them openly and transparently to management so that an assessment can be made as to whether they pose a risk of influencing business decisions.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

Information about the company or the group of companies - so-called company secrets - as well as relevant business information of our customers and supply partners must always be treated confidentially and not disclosed to third parties (especially competitors) unless their disclosure is necessary for the fulfillment of our tasks. The laws of data protection are observed.

Protection of business assets

The company provides all employees with the operating resources necessary for the performance of their work, such as technical equipment, work equipment/materials, premises and other assets. Employees must treat these resources and other assets with care and protect them from loss, theft or damage and not use them for personal purposes, unless they have been expressly permitted to do so or it is stipulated in the employment contract.